Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? We’re going to do some weightlifting and some WEIGHT lifting to get our pump on. We’ll start with finding a 1 rep clean and jerk – yes, full cleans are good for your soul. For those heading to the beach this weekend or going out to the bars later, you’ll need to get your pump on, so let’s do some super sets of curls and barbell roll outs. Weights for curls are up to you, but let’s get some hypertrophy and aim for 15-20 reps. Barbell roll outs will hit that midline (abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen, right?) Make sure your butt doesn’t come back first – your hips should stay tight, just like in push ups. Only go out as far as you’re physically capable of and activate those lats to stay tight!


1RM Clean and Jerk

Alternating every 90 seconds for 3 sets:
15-20 curls
7-12 barbell roll outs

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