For strength today, choose a moderate weight so you can be fast on the ascent. Suggested weights are around 50-60% of your 1RM. Remember, the goal is not the weight you use, it’s the speed on the ascent (not necessarily descent). On the alternating minutes, you’ll practice your push ups, aiming for perfection, not reps. Novice athletes should practice their full toe push ups, possibly doing 3-6 negatives. Moderate athletes should complete 10 perfect push ups with no bowing in the hip. Advanced athletes should do 10 weighted push ups, but again, no bowing at the hips.


Alternating EMOM for 12 minutes:
5 Back Squats (moderate)
Perfect push ups


ME HSPU’s in 3 min.
rest 3 min.
ME double unders in 2 min.
rest 2 min.
ME sit ups in 1 min.

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  1. Aileen

    Megs 25/115/45 RX
    Roni 6/103/39 RX
    Ficke 10/71/36 RX
    Amanda 60/74/45 sc
    Sizzle 20/53/45 RX
    K 23/52/36 RX
    Taylor 23/4/43 sc
    Smurf 12/15/30
    Sarah B 21/15/53
    Tanya 55/20/30 sc
    Nate 40/139/36 sc
    Danielle 17/67/35 sc
    Frank 28/78/30 RX
    Wax 27/75/38 RX