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Vinny Joyce owner of  CrossFit Conshohocken


Vinny Joyce,

At 29 years old, high school and college sports were far in the rear view mirror, Vinny had gained a few extra pounds, and had nothing to be passionate about. It became obvious that Vinny missed being a part of a team and pushing himself physically.

The options were limited to big box gyms with typical body part workouts and beer league football games. One day in the summer of 2011, while reading a random fitness magazine Vinny stumbled upon an article entitled, “CrossFit, The Sport of Fitness”. The rest is history… A twelve year timeline that includes joining a CrossFit gym, becoming a Coach, getting fired from his day job and opening his own CrossFit gym, has led Vinny to find his life’s work, in creating and building CrossFit Conshohocken. Having now served over 4000 clients, and with 12 years of experience, Vinny has found his true calling. Whether he is on the gym floor coaching, guiding new members into CrossFit, or mentoring his staff, he is 100% CrossFit.

Travis Youngs coach at  CrossFit Conshohocken


Travis Youngs,

Originally from Mt. Vernon, NY made PA his home in 2010 after graduating from Ursinus College where he studied Exercise and Sports Science, with a minor in Coaching. Travis has always stayed competitive while participating in sports, but found his home in track and field, more specifically as a long, triple, and high jumper.

He became fascinated with getting better and what it would take to continue improving. Not only was he interested in self-improvement, but also in improving results of those around him. As a result, Travis began personal training at the age of 18 as a summer job. He has been training and coaching ever since, including coaching himself and narrowly missing Olympic qualifiers before he was sidelined with achilles injuries. Travis now focuses on Olympic Weightlifting and functional fitness in order to stay in shape at a competitive level. His goals include being on the national stage for weightlifting so keep an eye out for our coach! Whether you need to fill the gaps in your CrossFit game or are looking to simply improve your doctor’s visits, Travis is here to help in our classes or in personal training sessions.

Sam Agostini coach at  CrossFit Conshohocken


Sam Agostini,

I am a former collegiate volleyball player turned Crossfitter and dog mom. My background in nutrition and training play vital roles in my life as a coach as well as an athlete.

Lauren Bond coach at  CrossFit Conshohocken


Lauren Bond,

Lauren grew up in Delaware County and has been playing sports since the early age of 5 and has been an avid snowboarder since the age of 10. She spent a great deal of time outdoors and eventually found her two favorites, softball and field hockey.

She played competitive softball throughout high school and continued playing recreational softball and field hockey at Bloomsburg University. After graduating, she was no longer playing sports and missed the competitive and social aspects of being on a team. She tried a few gyms, but it was Crossfit that really offered what she had been missing. Lauren joined her first CrossFit gym in 2016. Although she felt intimidated at first, she quickly realized this was the “team” she had been searching for and has not looked back since. CrossFit was a huge support for her, especially when she started graduate school. The stress of graduate school took a toll on Lauren and she frequently looked to her CrossFit community to help keep her physically and mentally healthy. Lauren eventually decided that she wanted to know more about CrossFit- the real nitty gritty. She completed the Level 1 course in 2019 and was given the chance to grow stronger with her gym community. After obtaining her Level 1, Lauren began shadowing the veteran coaches at CrossFit Conshy and eventually started coaching on her own. She thoroughly enjoys helping others identify their strengths, both in the gym and personally. A quote that Lauren identifies strongly with is “great things never came from your comfort zone.”

Nick Laffredo coach at  CrossFit Conshohocken


Nick Laffredo,

Nick was born and raised in the area only 5 minutes away from our gym in Norristown. Growing up, Nick was very active as a kid and he would ride his bike and skateboard wherever he had to go. Nick was active in all sports from soccer, baseball, basketball to skateboarding and snowboarding through high school.

Fast forward to 2012/13 when Nick decided on a new career path as a Police Officer. Nick was working in the neighboring Borough of Bridgeport as a Part-Time Police Officer and one day finally decided to walk into the local CrossFit Gym and introduced himself to Coach Vin. Since then, Nick began to train with Coach Vin and then came along with him when he opened CrossFit Conshohocken in 2013. Since then, Nick has become more and more involved in the CrossFit community and his own personal journey to become a better athlete and now a coach. Nick obtained his CrossFit Level One training certificate in 2018. Coach Nick’s main focus now is to coach, learn and push everyone to be more functionally fit then the day before. Whether trail running, RUCKing, mountain biking or doing classic CrossFit workouts and HERO WOD’s, he is striving to be a better coach, athlete and member of our community. Nick has also shared his training knowledge, experience and drive with both members of his current police department and county SWAT team.

Mani Woodroffe coach at  CrossFit Conshohocken


Mani Woodroffe,

I'm from the Caribbean. Born in Barbados, but spent the vast majority of my childhood in Grenada. Migrated to the US to pursue degrees in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and Lehigh University. Was never really the athletic type, but that changed after my first Tough Mudder in 2013.

That lit a fire in me to physically and mentally improve myself. The goal then was to be able to complete every single obstacle on a 10-mile Tough Mudder course. I moved to Conshohocken in 2017, and after growing tired of the monotony of a gym membership, I walked into my first Crossfit box, CrossFit Conshohocken. The community, the coaches, the atmosphere, the WODs, all contributed to a desire to be there almost everyday. (I did eventually complete every TM obstacle in a single run in 2019!)

I’ve since volunteered as a judge at local, regional, national, and international Crossfit competitions, including the CrossFit Games, and have been able to create more great bonds in the community. Having received so much from the Crossfit community, and also loving to see people start and progress through their fitness journey, I got my L1 in 2020, and joined the coaching staff at CrossFit Conshohocken the following year. There’s nothing like witnessing a member crush a PR, have a movement finally click, or watch a class cheering on an athlete to get them through a tough WOD.


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