CrossFit Conshohocken COViD 19 Policy


CrossFit Conshohocken COViD 19 Policy

Effective 11/20/2020

Coming to CFC

All members must sign into WODIFY in advance of arrival if taking class.  If you have issues signing in, please text 610-609-8382.  We will be observing all class caps on a strict basis.  In instances where classes sizes are between 12 and 15, folks in the forge may be asked to move to a section of the gym where adequate distance can be maintained.  

If you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, have a low-grade fever, or if you have been exposed, we respectfully ask that you stay home until cleared and or move to our remote coaching option and at home workouts.  

Arriving at CrossFit Conshohocken

We are observing non-contact greetings and goodbyes.

A mask must be worn covering the nose and mouth when entering our building. Please arrive with your mask on.  


We have hand sanitizers throughout CrossFit Conshohocken for your convenience and safety.

Please remain in your designated area during your workout.

Please do not share any equipment with other members.

Please do not congregate before or after class in groups without wearing masks and without maintaining social distance.

All members will be asked to clean equipment after each use with the sanitizing solution and clean towel that we provide.

Once your session begins we will turn on our exhaust and overhead ceiling fans to continuously move stale air up and out of the building.  This may result in a slightly colder environment, but is all for your safety.

During colder weather, we may still open our bay doors to ensure adequate ventilation is always available.

Other ways we are here to help keep you safe, and keep you working out.

Starting 11/22/2020 we will offer an at home version of every workout. The link for these workouts will be located in WODIFY.

We encourage you to come into the gym at off peak hours, when classes are not busy or as your schedule allows. We are almost always here – check out this doc to be sure or text the gym line at 610-609-8382

CrossFit Conshohocken keeps records of the attendance of every person in the gym and the time that they are here.

Thank you