Ok Guys, so last month we ran with a daily challenge of a 1k row a day to get everyone rolling again as gyms opened up post quarantine.  Thank you to everyone that participated in that challenge and we are proud of you all!

Within that challenge, the inspiration for something greater was born.  The challenge for October will look a little different than September.  Post quarantine, a lot of us were returning to activity as usual (sorta).  For a lot of people however, the challenge to feed their families is still at an all time high due to layoffs. That’s where this challenge comes in.  We have partnered with Philadelphia’s own, Performance Meal Prep and Men of Excellence, based out of Norristown, to serve those families in need.  By donating any dollar amount that you can with the provided link, you are buying a meal that will be distributed to those families by the Men of Excellence organization.  Your receipt? It’s this right here:
800m Run a day

Need more of a challenge, mix this in once or twice in the month

  800m Run (vested) 20 Push-Ups 20 Air Squats 20 Pull-Ups 20 Sit-Ups 20 Push-Ups


 Post a selfie of you hitting either of the workouts everyday for the remaining days of October to help a hungry family in November
We @crossfitconshy Instagram will hold the Donation link along with our coaches 

More on our #RunToEat partners:

Norristown Men Of Excellence

Performance Meal Prep