For Strength each team gets one bar and one rack. Take as many attempts as needed and tally your team weight for your score.

After the buy in on the assault bike, 1 athlete will go to each of the 3 stations in this workout. You may not switch until all 3 elements are complete. Once each element is completed athletes, will move in the order listed to accumulate as many total rounds as possible.

One round equals – all three athletes hitting each movement.

DB snatches alternate however you want as long as its 5 reps per side


Working in teams of 3 find a 3 rep should to overhead in exactly 12 minutes

score is your team total


In teams of 3 AMRAP in 22 minutes

Buy in 150/120 Assault BIke Calories
switching at will
1 bike per team

10 Dumbell Snatches (50/35)
10 Toes to Bar
10 Hang Power Cleans (115/75)



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