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Free Body Work / PT Sessions

Please join me in welcoming Steve Maze to CFC Gang! We’re looking to bring on an in house PT (physical therapist) slash mobility guru type person. We have an excellent candidate who is “in the family”, Steve Maze PT, DPT will be onsite this Sunday conducting FREE sessions for members. I’m looking for a few people to come in and try him out / provide feedback. If you have any nagging issues or problems with...
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CrossFit Conshohocken – CrossFit We are going to smash this workout that has a great deal of snatching. Scale the weights or stay at the previous levels that you were able to accomplish with the movement. This is a heavy breathing style workout so be prepared for a moderate time domain (10+). View Public Whiteboard Chain Snatcher (Time) For Time 15 Snatches @95/65 15/12 Calorie Row 12 Snatches @ 115/80 20/15 Cal Row 9 Snatches...
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CrossFit Conshohocken – CrossFit Today we have a two piece workout where we can bring some accessory style lifting in. These lifts are important to do to help the small muscles of the joints that we normally overlook. The metcon is a heavy breathing workout. Simple yet effective. View Public Whiteboard

CFC – Back to Business

Hey guys, happy Friday (I think some of you are trying rename it Friyay), Tomato, TomAto…anyway. Lots to get out today so I thought it would be a good idea to re-awaken the old Blog! First, shouting out Brian’s AKA B-Hung’s birthday, hope you’re getting in some golf today bro. This week we held our first outdoor classes, thanks to everyone who came out! We’ll continue with these as long as people are into it,...
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Our New Logo – The why

When we set out to design our new logo, we wanted to make sure we captured the essence of what we do, and not just use a random image and word combination. It turns out that the professionals who actually do this stuff, are pretty awesome. They psychoanalyzed me, and asked over 20 different questions about what we do before delivering over 90 designs for me to look at. I’ve seen a ton of logos...
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