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Forge Usage – 2022

Yes, its still a thing, and yes you can still use it whenever you need to!!! One of the things we like most about our gym is the Forge. For those of you who don’t know, the Forge is the Open Gym side of our space that functions like a catch all for everything other than the main WOD. From the beginning, even back at the old space, it was always our vision to provide...
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What Makes a Great Benchmark Workout

What makes a GREAT benchmark? You could say it comes down to personal preference, and maybe to a degree it does.  But at the end of the day, a benchmark should be a well-rounded test of all things CrossFit. In CrossFit we often talk about training to be a 3 headed monster.  Those three heads being strength, aerobic capacity, and skills.  Now, you can break these categories down even further, but this would be the...
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Jackie Chan

CrossFit Conshohocken – CrossFit Starting the New Year off with a great commemorative WOD for a close friend of long time member, Mitch. While the details of his friends accident are kept close to the vest, we’d like to recognize today as an anniversary of sorts for a member who has always been there for our community. While today’s WOD can be considered a “for time” workout, whenever there is bench pressing , moving fast...
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December – News and Events

2021 CFC Annual Holiday Party This year, we will be bringing the holiday celebration to Jasper’s West Side on December 11th, starting at 7pm. Gang, we will have the entire bar to ourselves this year, don’t miss out! Please feel free to bring your significant other, family members, and of course, your holiday spirit. Power Hour Photo Gallery Check yourself out! If you haven’t seen the new photo drop from Erin Murphy, take a quick...
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Tis The Season – CFC Adopts a Family

Hey Everyone, As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, it won’t be long until we see jingle bells, cheesy hallmark movies, and everything turning merry and bright. While we are all grateful to share the excitement and thrill of the holiday season with one another, there are some less fortunate families out there that experience heavy stress and financial burdens during the holidays. Each holiday season, CFC strives to bring the community together and give back to those...
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