About Our Gym

One of the first things you’ll notice about CrossFit Conshohocken is our outstanding facility. With 7,000 square feet it has plenty room for providing you with the highest level fitness experience. When you walk in through the front door into the 4,000+ square feet main workout out room, you will see why we are the Conshohocken Area’s biggest CrossFit gym with the tightest community. Our facility is filled with pull-up bars, kettlebells, and barbells, but most importantly wide open space to ensure a true CrossFit experience. At CrossFit Conshohocken, we squat, lift, sprint, jump and climb and we have the space to do all of that safely and effectively. You will never worry about bumping into anything, including another athlete. With safety being our number one priority, we provide you with the space you need to stay safe throughout your entire workout.


Aside from our main gym, we also have a 1,000 square foot, attached auxiliary space complete with weight lifting platforms and premium Pendlay training discs. Commonly referred to as “The Forge”, athletes may use this space to complement their CrossFit training as their own schedule allows. For some athletes this includes additional strength and accessory work, while others utilize the room for skills training and mobility. Included with your CrossFit Conshohocken membership, you may request an individualized program for use in “The Forge”.

Lastly, CrossFit Conshohocken provides our members with a chance to feel comfortable after a hard workout. Our gym is fully equipped with men’s and women’s changing rooms, a lounge and a shower facility. Many members utilize these amenities so that they can get in a great workout during the day and head back to work.

Feel free to stop in for a tour anytime to check out what CrossFit Conshohocken has to offer!

We write out our programming in advance so that all of our coaches know what we’ll be doing in the coming weeks. This allows us to make intelligent and informed training recommendations to our members on a daily basis. It also allows us to adjust things if we need to and get feedback from our members. When you come to class at Thermal, we can remind you of previous weights and scales used, so that you know you are challenging yourself day in and day out.


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