What Our Gym Offers


From warm-up to cool down our adult group classes might be the best 60 minutes of your day. Let our attentive and dedicated coaching staff take you through a strength and conditioning session that is fun, effective and guaranteed to get you results. Have you ever played sports, or been a part of a fraternity or sorority? Each class will showcase a positive team atmosphere focused on your individual development. Go at your own pace, while receiving hands on feedback and guidance.


Would you like a more personalized approach to CrossFit? With our individualized training plans and one on one services our clients have the flexibility of scheduling sessions whenever they’d like. We also have the ability to dig in on specific factors such as, working out with injuries, or training for a specific event or sport. Some of our personal training clients include; folks who can’t attend group session times, older clients who want to be in better shape than all their golf buddies, and busy moms who’s free time often comes at off peak hours.


We all know how amazing group fitness is! It’s fun, it feeds the soul, and it’s extremely effective. We also know that some days you may want to do something other than what is offered in the main group workout. Here at CFC, we offer our members the opportunity to train on their own in our “Open Gym” setting.

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