Pair up and work in teams of 2 for both parts today. Take the first 5 minutes to find a max broad jump. Measurement will be NFL combine style – start with toes on a line and jump with both feet leaving the ground at the same time. The distance measured will be from the line you started to the heel that is closest to the line (not the toes)
Then in the same team of 2, you’ll do 2 rounds for time of 50 clean and jerks, 100 sit-ups, 150 air squats, and 800m run. Those numbers are for you as a team and you may split the reps up anyway you want. The run must be done together (no running ahead)


In teams of 2:
1RM Broad Jump (each)


In Teams of 2, 2 rounds for time:
50 clean and jerks, 95/65#
100 sit-ups
150 air squats
800m run

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