You’ll work in teams of 4 today (3 if needed) with a running clock of 20 minutes. There are 3 parts to today’s workout: snatch, double unders, and row. You’ll spend exactly 10 minutes finding your 1RM snatch – full squat required. As a team you get 2 bars to work with and unlimited attempts in 10 minutes.
Then you’ll move immediately into 5 minutes of max double unders. Two people may work at a time.
Then you’ll immediately go to your rower (1 per team) and row as many meters as you can in 10 minutes. You must row 100 meters at a time and get off for the next person and you must rotate in the same order. For simplicity’s sake, the first person should row to the 100m mark, second person to the 200m mark, etc. instead of doing addition.
You should record your OWN snatch for strength and put your total team weight in the notes. You may record the total team double unders as a separate score and total team row as a separate score.


With a running clock of 20 minutes, teams of 4 will find:
0:00-10:00 – 1RM snatch
10:01-15:00 – ME double unders
15:01-20:00 – ME meters (row)

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