The sumo deadlift starts in a wide stance – wider than your squat stance. With a torso as upright as you can keep, reach straight down with your arms to grip the bar (arms should be fairly perpendicular to the ground). Using your glutes, drive up to a standing position. You’ll notice the bar does not come off the ground as much as a conventional deadlift, plus your range of motion is lessened. These are the two major advantages to the sumo deadlift and why many powerlifters use this instead of the conventional lift.

For death by 10 meters, you will run 1 length (10m) in the first minute, then 2 lengths the second minute, then 3 minutes the third, etc. until you cannot complete the required number for that minute.


Sumo Deadlift
5, 5, 5


“Death by 10 Meters”

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