Take some time to build to a heavy thruster today, with only 15 minutes don’t go crazy. We want to hit some strength here, yes, but we want to dial in for our met-con.

Our Met-con today comes from Pat Sherwood’s laboratory and is one of CrossFit Linchpins “Tests” We’ll treat today like game day and use counters for this WOD (two heats). Aim to complete the thrusters in no more than 2 quick sets. C2B Pull-ups should also be scaled as needed to maintain intensity. – This is a sprint workout, max effort 10 minute hard cap for today.


Find a heavy 1 Rep Thruster from the Rack

CrossFit LinchPin Test 4

2 Rounds for Time
18/14 Calorie Row
15 Thrusters (95/65)
12 Chest To Bar Pull-ups