Take the first part of class to find a new 20RM back squat. You should not do all warm-up sets with 20 reps – rather, do sets of 5-10 and “feel” it out if you haven’t done this. Those who have done a 20-rep will know that around rep 13 it gets spicy and you will need to grind it out. If you don’t feel it around rep 13, it’s too light. Compare to 9/6/15.
Metcon is all about that vanity! Curls for the girls (and guys) and sit-ups. Do all curls first, then all sit-ups. For curls, use a barbell and be sure to hit full extension at the bottom (unlike globo-gym style) For sit-ups, standard is shoulder blades on the ground at the bottom and torso 90 degrees to the ground at the top.


20RM back squat


curls 45/33#

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