We routinely work strength when we are fresh, today, lets flip it and see what we can do when we are tired. Hit the 5 round met-con adding 1 second to your time for each rep not completed in the 15 minute cap. Once the clock gets to 15, begin work on your 1RM OHS from the ground.
Once that is complete, take a few minutes to recover and break down, then attempt one set of pull-ups. Your set is over when you come off the bar. Record your met-con time, your OHS weight and your rep count on your pull-ups.

Strength & ConditioningĀ 

At 0:00 begin
5 Rounds for time
10 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
10 Dead lifts (165/115)
3 Clean and Jerks (same bar)
Time cap 15:00 min
at the fifteen minute mark
take 10 minutes to find a 1RM OHS from the ground

Cash outĀ 
1 set ME of unbroken Pull-ups

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