Strength is a superset of push presses and rope climbs. Choose a weight that is fairly heavy for 5 push presses and stay at that weight across 5 sets. In between, do 1-3 rope climbs depending on your proficiency. Remember to use your legs to stand up on the rope rather than use your arms to pull yourself up. It makes a huge difference!
The metcon is a familiar format: 1 minute to get 5 power snatches done and then as many burpees as possible in the remaining time. Then rest 1 minute. Do this for 5 rounds and your score is the total amount of burpees completed. Hand release burpees simply means you lift your hands off the floor slightly at the bottom of the burpee!

Strength / Skill

A.) 5 x 5 push presses
B.) 5 x 1-3 rope climbs


5 rounds for reps:
1 min. to do 5 power snatches, 115/75#
ME hand release burpees in remaining time
rest 1 minute”

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