2018 Spring Nutrition Challenge

CrossFit Thermal is happy to announce the 2018 Spring Nutrition Challenge.  This challenge will be our biggest and best challenge yet.  Again this season we’ll be utilizing a structured system of accountability to ensure the success of all participants.  Additionally this challenge will be a lot of fun!  We’ll be doing weekly prizes and check ins to keep everyone engaged and attentive to their goals and the to challenge in general.  We invite everyone to join in and get ready for summer, and more importantly learn to create a lifelong sustainable relationship with food.

Everyone knows that we come in to gym every day to look good and feel good, but until you really dial in your nutrition you may only be scratching the surface.  Here at Thermal we are lucky to have an expert Nutritionist on hand as well as a group of dedicated coaches to guide you along the way.   We’re looking for people who want to learn and understand nutrition and experience firsthand what you’re capable of when you’ve got the right fuel your body.

 Nutrition Challenge Kick-off Meeting Thursday May 10th at 6:30pm.  Nutrition Presentation, Q+A at CrossFit Thermal

 Nutrition Challenge – May 14th through June 14th

Buy-In:  $20

*All money goes towards prizes

Monthly Grand Prize(s)

Rogue Fitness Gift Card

Lululemon Gift Card

*1 male, 1 female

*  Amount of Prize offerings subject to number of participants

Weekly Prize(s): (random raffle for everyone who is active in the challenge)

– Whole Foods Gift Card

– SFH Protein

– Wegman’s Gift Card

– Kettlebell Kitchen Gift Card

What you get:

-Support, Accountability, Motivation in a Facebook Group

-Grocery List(s)

– 15% off from Kettlebell Kitchen for the length of the challenge

-Meal/Recipe ideas

-Weekly Facebook challenges

-Weekly prizes—drawn at random

-Grand prizes



Paleo? This is not a strict paleo challenge, but a goal-oriented, sensible approach to your own nutrition. The main goals are to learn, have fun, and hold yourself (and each other) accountable in your nutrition. What’s good, what’s bad, and why? How do different things in your diet affect your body, your overall health, and performance? It’s ultimately about finding what works best for you and your goals, and making informed decisions about how you fuel your body.

Basic Guidelines:

-No refined, added sugars

-Focus on unprocessed whole foods, high quality fats + protein, vegetables, fruits and clean carbohydrates

-Focus on: workout performance, recovery, fueling properly

-Advise no drinking


Since we all have different nutrition goals a point system will help to determine the winner(s):

How to Succeed in the Challenge and WIN PRIZES:  Below are some suggestions on how to get the most out of the challenge.  Signing up and going “all in” with the challenge will yield the best results, so the more you do, the more you will benefit!  This is also a loose system for us to use in crowning the “winners”, there are no specific point totals for each activity, but participating, and supporting each other are the two biggest factors!

  1. Track Food on Monthly Basis
  2.  Before/After Pics, Weight, or Measurements
    1. Participate in Weekly Facebook Activity:
      1. Week one: Post three goals
      2. Week two: Post all your meals for one day
      3. Week three: Post a new recipe
      4. Week four: Post three struggles
    2. Attend Nutrition Presentation
    3. Weekly Food Prep (post picture for verification)
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