Let’s start off today with some capacity work, sprint through your calories on the bike or rower, then without resting jump up and hit a max set of pull-ups. You’ll do this for 5 sets, resting as needed between rounds. While resting; pull out weights and bars for part two of today’s WOD. Do not use jumping pull-up scales today – scale to work on building strength endurance in the pull-up.

Once everyone is done the intervals, we’ll start a 9 minute clock and you’ll be hitting a heavy single in the hang (squat) clean. Record your heaviest lift that you actually receive in the squat!


5 Intervals each for max reps
(record you best and worst)

Ride or Row 10 Cal then:
ME Pull-ups
(rest as needed between rounds)


Take exactly 9 minutes to hit a 1RM Hang Clean (Squat)

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