Take the first few minutes of class to work some gymnastics – either hit some strict pull-ups for strength, or work ring muscle-ups if you’d like to get in some skill and your pull-ups are on point.

For the met-con we have a bunch of mini max effort bouts. Scale the toes to bar and push-press to a number that you can hit unbroken immediately coming off of the Bike / Wall Balls.

Record biggest set of Wall Balls (AMRAP) and
Slowest Bike Push-press interval

Strength / Skill

Take 10 Minutes to Accumulate
A. 40 Strict Pull-ups
B. 10-15 Ring Muscle Ups
* one or the other

3 Rounds with about 2 minutes recovery
ME Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Toes To Bar
rest 5 miuntes

3 Rounds with about 2 minutes recovery
10 Cal Bike
10 Push-Press (115/75) (unbroken)

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