Hey guys here are a couple event reminders for the month of March…

Every Thursday night at 7:30pm РOpen WOD annoucement party.  Hang out after the 6:30 class and see the workout unveiled and performed live!!

Every Saturday starting at 9:00am Р2015 Reebok CrossFit Open Workout hosted at CrossFit Thermal.  Heats start at 9:15 each week, come early and stay support other heats.

Thursday March 19th – Body work by Dave Reeman, $20 for 15 minutes, come in and get your tune up.

End of March – CrossFit Thermal Kickball Season, contact Coach Aileen to sign-up, games will be held on Thursday evenings.


The weighted push up starts in a high plank position with weight on the upper back. The athlete will descend and touch the ground with their chest, keeping their knees locked to prevent snaking as much as they can. Do two push ups and end in a high plank position. If you cannot do push ups from your toes, do NOT do weighted knee push ups. Instead, work on your full toe push ups by doing negatives or elevate your hands on a 12″ box, barbell in a rack, etc. and do multiple reps (5-10) for multiple sets to get stronger.

For the metcon, you will attempt as many reps as possible of double unders for 1 minute, then rest for 1 minute. Then you’ll attempt as many thrusters as possible for 1 minute and rest 1 minute. Go heavy on the thrusters. Repeat this sequence 4 times and score the du’s and thrusters separately. (e.g. score is 347/38)


2RM weighted push up


4 rounds:
1. ME double unders in 60 seconds
2. rest 60 seconds
3. ME thrusters in 60 seconds, 135/95#
4. rest 60 seconds

count double under total and thruster total separately