Today we are going to work on handstand push up progressions. First, we need to develop shoulder strength to support ourselves, then we need to be comfortable being upside down. Box walks are just like wall walks but your feet are on a 24″ box. The goal is to start far away from the box with your hands (similar to a push up position) and slowly walk your hands in to a pike position on the box so your shoulders are beneath your hips. For A and B, practice kicking up against a wall and holding a handstand position. If you feel comfortable with that, try lowering yourself down to a few ab mats!

Gymnastic Skill

A: 5 x 2 box walks/inverted attempts
B: 5×2 wall walks/inverted attempts
C: 5×5 kipping, strict, or deficit HSPU’s
D: 10 x 1 handstand walk or 5×2 freestand HSPU


5 rounds for time:
6 deadlifts, 135/95#
6 shoulder to overhead, 135/95#
12 burpees over bar

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