6/29/16 – Endurance

CrossFit Thermal – Endurance

Today’s work out is a twist from inside the gym – we will be doing tabata style 400’s. How is that even possible, you ask? Easy – here’s how it will work. We will run 400’s every 4 minutes so that there is a set work/rest period. If you run a 1:20 400M, you will have 2:40 to rest before the next 400M. The tabata style comes in play in that we are recording your SLOWEST 400 time which means that CONSISTENCY is your friend. You need to run at the fastest pace you can maintain for all of the 400’s.

Part A- Tabata 400’s
Run 8×400 with a 400 every 4 minutes, rest for balance of time.
Record SLOWEST time to WODIFY

Part B -Mobility
Banded high hamstring stretch

400m Run (Time)

Max Effort 400m Run
Your slowest of the tabata

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