Today is an early celebration of Coach Kate’s birthday (tomorrow) and Sam’s birthday (Wednesday). The workout is a mash up of their favorite movements: “Grace” and muscle ups. You may do the work in any order you wish and you may go back and forth between CJ’s and muscle ups. However, if you are scaling muscle ups to a 2:1 ratio (2 pull ups and 2 dips) then you should complete an equal amount of pull-ups and dips in a set. For instance, you may do a set of 10 pull-ups and then 10 dips (equivalent to 5 muscle ups), but you may not do 10 pull-ups, 5 CJ’s, 10 dips. Compare to 6/8/15.

30 and 30
For time:
30 Clean and Jerks, 135/95#
30 Muscle Ups

partition as necessary 

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