Paul grew up in the East Falls section of Phila and began playing sports at around age 6, primarily baseball, football and golf, both in organized leagues and around the neighborhood, up through high school. With sports taking a back seat as he worked his way through college his weight would always be an issue fluctuating up and down on the scales. Joining several gyms over the years the problem was consistently going. Lifting at the globo-gyms bored him til he found himself practically not working out at all. This routine went on for many years, along with trying new workouts like Muay Thai, P90X, straight up running (did the Broad St in 2007 & 2008) but nothing seemed to keep his intensity and attention. Finally after feeling like death at the Spartan Run in November 2015 and having 2 friends already doing CrossFit he decided to give it a try. He found Thermal on google and met with Vin on a wednesday in Mid-January, almost fainted with the baseline workout, never actually completing it, came back that friday and signed up for 3x / week, by monday he decided to dive in fully and went to unlimited. He never knew how really really out of shape he was until he joined Thermal, struggling to get 1 pullup. Coming up on 6 months and going to about 5 classes a week, things have changed substantially for the better. His favorite memories are RX’ing Cindy the second time he did it and completing Murph. Its a long way from struggling with 1 pullup back in January. He can’t say enough about CrossFit Thermal, the coaches, the members, the community as a whole has been an awesome experience and his only regret is that he didn’t join sooner.

AMRAP in 24 minutes:
1 rope climb
6 deadlifts, 225/155#
12 push-ups
24 double-unders


What’s In The Box – September 2023

Happy “Second Summer” gang, here is what you need to know for the rest of this month around the gym! Barbell Cycling continues through September.

What’s In The Box – August 2023

I’m not gonna say, Happy end of Summer, because we’ve got plenty left to go! Lots to announce here, so lets dig in! New Strength


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