Strength is a 5 rep shoulder press – be sure to lock out your knees so there is no chance of a push press!
Then, you will do 3 sets of unbroken clean and jerks. You may rest as needed between sets, but keep it to about 2 or 3 minutes for time management. These CJ’s may be “Grace” style – power or full cleans and push presses or jerks. You may rest at the top, in the front rack position, or in the hang position. You may not rest with the bar on the ground or reset your grip on the ground, but you must touch the bumpers to the ground each time. (You may cradle it in your hip to get a regrip) Your score is total reps across all 3 sets.


Take 20 minutes to find a 5RM Shoulder Press


3 sets for reps:
Unbroken Clean and Jerks, 135/95#

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