Start by finding a heavy hang clean + clean. Both should be received in a squat. We are not necessarily going for a max here – use the time for form and dial back if you are feeling like form is degrading.
The metcon is a bit different than we’ve seen before: you may either run or row (depending on equipment and preference) and swings are going to be russian style – only to eye level. You will be going overhead with the KB, but in a push press or jerk form. Hold it in one hand against your shoulder, dip, drive up and lock your elbow out in a push press or jerk movement. Do 10 with the right arm and 10 with the left. It doesn’t matter which arm you start with, but you must do all 10 before switching. (this doesn’t mean you have go unbroken)


Hang clean + clean


3 rounds for time:
250m row or 200m run
20 KB russian swings, 53/35#
20 KB push jerks, 10L/10R

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