Athlete Of The Month – Erin !!!!

Erin has a background of playing team sports such as basketball and softball all the way through high school. After that, she participated in recreational team sports, took up distance running – completed the Philadelphia marathon in 2012, and participated in cardio-focused group fitness classes. Erin was interested in incorporating more weightlifting into her workouts and decided to give CrossFit a try. Erin joined Thermal, her first CrossFit affiliate, in October 2017. Since joining, she has benefited from learning more about weightlifting, resulting in improved technique and increased strength over time. She loves the challenge of the WODs and the great community atmosphere! Over the last few months, Erin was excited to PR her deadlift and complete a strict pullup and kipping handstand pushup! Erin wants to thank all of the coaches and community members of CrossFit Thermal for the motivation and support to break through barriers and help achieve her goals!