CFC – Back to Business


CFC – Back to Business

Hey guys, happy Friday (I think some of you are trying rename it Friyay), Tomato, TomAto…anyway. Lots to get out today so I thought it would be a good idea to re-awaken the old Blog! First, shouting out Brian’s AKA B-Hung’s birthday, hope you’re getting in some golf today bro.

This week we held our first outdoor classes, thanks to everyone who came out! We’ll continue with these as long as people are into it, and the weather cooperates. That being said if we do have to cancel due to weather or the likelihood of weather in the forecast, we will make all efforts to do so 1 hour prior to the start of class times. Hosting outdoor classes in the rain just doesn’t make sense for plenty of reasons. Additionally, we may get pushed through to the coveted green phase sooner rather than later, so this may soon be a moot point. Our full outdoor schedule is up on WODIFY.

5:00 pm Squad Wednesday

Good news out of HQ this week with the formation of “Affiliate Representatives”. I’m hoping this streamlines communications between local boxes and HQ. I’ve never really had to reach out to them before, but I’m hoping to see some dialogue now that actionable steps are being discussed.

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Coach Dan and I met this week and discussed the formation of the CrossFit Conshohocken Membership Diversity Scholarship program. Right now we’re focusing on locating a pool of individuals to access the program, as well as selection criteria. The desire is that this membership will be used with some frequency at a time that is convenient for the individual. CFC would like to ensure that the individual is comfortable being highlighted as a way to drive toward a more equitable and diverse membership at CFC.

LGBTQ Pride month is here! We will be planning a WOD in celebration next week. More details to come! Hope to see everyone this weekend for outdoor classes! Thanks gang!