Congratulations Pete Lyons!

We’re happy to announce the winner of the Fall 2015 CrossFit Thermal Nutrition Challenge,  Pete Lyons!  Pete tackled one of the more challenging nutritional layouts – the infamous “Whole 30”.  This is a strict, super clean Paleo based plan that allowed him to make wholesale changes to his body composition and overall energy level in just 26 days.  He kept up with all the requirements of the challenge only falling short in the category of sleep, which was probably the most challenging goal on the entire event.

Pete’s body weight changed from 167 lbs to 151 over the course of a challenge.  I think the message here to everyone, is that eating real food is the way to go.  Pete didn’t replace meals with “shakes” or starve himself of nutrients or calories, he just ate the way we were meant to eat.

I’m posting a pic to the FB page, but keeping it off the main website page.  Congratulations Pete!

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