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CrossFit is an all ages, strength and conditioning program. It utilizes a broad range of training ideologies to give its participants a balanced athletic workout. Comprised of a constantly varied mix of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, power lifting and endurance training, CrossFit workouts are designed to offer the body a sample of everything. Used by many police and fire training academies and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide, CrossFit has developed a reputation for intense workouts that produce incredible results.

Beyond the need for athletes to have a higher level of fitness, everyday professionals, busy parents, children and adolescents have been using CrossFit training in an effort to achieve a host of results. Whether an individual’s need is to achieve a higher level of conditioning for a specific sport or hobby, or wake up feeling better each day, the CrossFit model is capable of yielding results.

The foundation of CrossFit is functional movement. The movements we execute in CrossFit are natural; that is, they are variations of how your body was designed to move. We squat, bend, lift, pull and push. We train these movements in such a way as to maintain the body’s ability to perform them powerfully and efficiently. A major component of CrossFit workouts is intensity. However, intensity is relative to each of us. CrossFit is universally scalable and adjustable based on an individual’s experience and abilities. At CrossFit Conshohocken, you will be a part of a diverse community, made up of people of all ages and abilities, working out side by side.

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