December 2013 Focus – The Squat

As CrossFit Thermal unfolds, we want to start to build a foundation of strength for our members. There is no more appropriate place to start than with the squat. This month you’ll see a heavy emphasis on this movement, including lots of squatting in our workouts. You’ll also notice classes with additional technique work and practice for squatting movements. As we test and re-test our squat, and see improvement, we’ll also see that added strength and mobility translate into common CrossFit movements like thrusters and even burpess! Even if you don’t want to “squat big”, the ability to squat well, will make us able to tackle conditioning workouts with more power and speed.

This month, we’ll fill the daily blog with ideas on how to mobilize for a better squat, and what you can do on rest days or even in the office to put this crucial movement right in your wheelhouse. Stay tuned!