Get Into The Holiday Spirit



It’s official, the weather is colder, leaves are falling, football season is in full swing and the best coffee blends are out!  Winter is on the way, and so is the Holiday season.  Please join CrossFit Thermal in ringing in the Holidays by participating in these early winter events.  We’ve got one event to help others and one to help ourselves!

CrossFit Thermal & Philabundance Food Drive – Bring in some canned goods and non perishable items to be collected and donated to those in need this winter.  Let’s pull together and make the Holidays brighter for some less fortunate folks in our area.  Most of us don’t worry about where our next meal is coming from, but for some people not so far away, that thought is a reality.  We’ve got boxes set up in the back by the changing rooms, please help if you can.

Santa’s Beard Bingo Game – Ok guys, some of you might remember there was a poster that would come out every year and with each passing day you would take a cotton ball and glue it to Santa’s beard.  By the time December 25th came around, the beard was full.  At the gym this year we’ve got a contest going to see who can fill out the most of Santa’s beard by accomplishing the tasks listed inside the beard.  On December 20th those with the fullest beards will be entered into a raffle for some awesome Holiday prizes including Yetis, Dicks gift cards and Boathouse gift cards.  Its free to enter so everyone should jump in.

Here are the rules

  1. Get a Santa’s Beard sheet and put your name on it.
  2. Each time you complete a task it must be witnessed by someone and signed off by a coach
  3.   Turn in your sheet on or before 12/20 for the count.


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