Good Luck Coach Tyler

With the growth of our community over the past 6 months, CrossFit Thermal set out to find its first Head Coach.  We needed someone who embodied what CrossFit is, and also had the dedication and passion to empower others to reach their goals.   At first we looked within the ranks of Thermal’s staff and soon realized that everyone was into a career that fulfilled them.  While, for each of them, experience and the ability to be a great coach was there, the time it would take to be a Head Coach wasn’t available.  I took to Facebook, Instagram, Indeed, and places like  and started to sift through a sea of would be Coaches.  A few months into this process, I started to ask myself if this person existed or not.  I started to wonder what were the most valuable and important attributes that the candidate would need to possess.  After a ton of reflection, books on tape and solo beer trips to Caliente, it was a second look at our current staff that revealed the answer.  After months of interviewing candidates and scrolling through resumes the quest for Thermal’s first Head Coach came to and end.

Tyler Gould had come to us when Ravenous closed its doors. A then talented “kid” , with an athletic background seemed to be a good fit for our gym as a member.  It didn’t take long for Tyler to gain his reputation as one of Thermal’s top Fire Breathers, but that wasn’t what impressed me.  Hours after class ended completing more and more training to dial in the craft of CrossFit was on the docket for Tyler.  It was a privilege to watch this guy transform right in front of me through dedication and a thirst for knowledge.  In addition, he had an immediate ability to connect with those around him and had all of the natural abilities to coach and to lead.  Tyler quickly earned a spot on staff and was gaining experience as a CrossFit Coach.

Tyler’s passion for coaching continued to grow over the next 6 months and he became further entrenched in our culture.  Showing his talent for coaching, Tyler has helped countless members in their quest for fitness.  His humble nature and calming coaching style has been well received by our community and I have received more than a handful of compliments on his classes.  Maybe it was the fact that Tyler cleared a snatch ladder at 245 with all power snatches. Or that fact that he is the only guy at Thermal who can do a back flip a set of triple unders and clean 345 in the same breath.  Or maybe just the idea that he truly cares about the people around him and bringing out the best in them all?  When we realized that we had that combination of talent and character right in front of us, it was my job to make sure we found a way for Tyler to contribute to Thermal in a big way!

It is with great pleasure that we announce CrossFit Thermal’s first ever Head Coach.  Please join me in congratulating Coach Tyler and wish him well on his new journey into a career in Health and Fitness.

Thank you