Growth And Staying Engaged


Growth And Staying Engaged

Mike Lanasa – Overall level Blue

Here at CFC, one of our core values is growth. Of course that can mean many things, but one way we try to capture that and make sure we are always pursuing it, is the Level Method. Not every member was able to achieve an overall level last month, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t achieve growth. In just over 3 weeks we’ll have another opportunity to test our fitness and many more folks will get to achieve their overall level.

In the mean time, and for those of you without an overall color, you’re still growing! Come in and get one step closer each day. Use the Level Method map to the best of your ability and work with a coach to scale to your level. Try not to get wrapped up in the anxiety that comes with testing, or missing certain days in the training cycle. Get here 3-5 days a week, push yourself and growth will happen regardless.

Shout out to Mike and everyone else who achieved an overall level this month! I owe you guys photos too…

Overall Level Holders:

Kristin P, Zack Rearick, Colleen B, Young, Mani, Pat B, Gordo, Barani, Phil, Caroline, Rob S, Britt, Amanda, Sara and Briana !!!! Coaches Vin, Travis and Nick have em too!!!