Help us out…

Here at Thermal, we love giving people the opportunity to do whatever they need on each and every day.  Forcing people to do the daily WOD and running the place like a bootcamp is just bad business, and we’ll never do things that way.  If you want to skip the WOD and work in the Forge, or if you want to prep for a competition that’s fine by us.  All that we ask is that you please please, help us out with a a couple simple things.

  1. Please stay off of the main floor as much as possible.  You may feel like walking through the middle of the class to grab some bands and a KB is no big deal, and you’re right it isn’t.  But it is distracting to our coaching staff and to the members who are focusing on the workout.  Please use the perimeter of the gym if you need to and get on and off the main floor as quickly as possible.
  2. Mobility is critical to performance, so obviously we love when people show up early to get in extra mobility.  The front of the gym by the fridge and the Forge are usually great places to mobilize, please try not to use the main floor area or the rig to mobilize unless its your only option.  Best solution is just to check with a coach if you’re not sure.  Most often the answer will be “if you’re not in the way of the WOD its fine by me”.
  3. Bags – guys we have 2 huge changing rooms and they can also store your bags!  Please don’t pile up bags near the WODIFY station or near outlets in the hallway.  If you can’t find a place for your bag or your coat that is out of the way of everything, please use our rooms that we have dedicated for this purpose.

These simple things will help keep our box looking and feeling clean and organized as we continue to grow our community.

Thank You

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