I’m in the Open, but I can’t make Saturday

Here at CrossFit Thermal, we host the Open on Saturday mornings, that’s where the magic is for us.  We understand that not everyone will be able to make it on Saturday’s, life takes over on weekends, we get that, and we want to accommodate everyone.  If you want to do the Open on a day other than Saturday, please read these guidelines.

Thank you

  1.  You have to be registered for the Open and on Thermal’s team.  We’re not going to make accommodations for someone that didn’t want to register, or for someone from another gym.
  2. It’s your responsibility to find a judge and verify that they can count for you.  Don’t ask someone who just joined or your girlfriend / boyfriend etc… verify with the coach that your judge is fit to count for you.
  3.  In addition to having a judge / counter, someone that has passed the judges course must be present in the gym when you complete your workout.  As of right now these people are, Vin, Megs , Jeff and Cindy Handler.  If those people aren’t present then your workout may not be validated.  Double check with the coach.
  4. Everyday except Saturday is business as usual.  This means that classes will be running on a regular schedule.  If you are doing the Open during class times – you are a guest, stay out of the way of the regular class and allow the coach to do his or her job with the athletes in class.  You might not get your favorite spot, or set of rings etc, just try not to disrupt the flow of class.
  5. Get a score card, and fill it out completely – have your judge sign it and leave the top portion on the table at the front of the gym..
  6. Go to Games.crossfit.com and submit your score.