January 2023 – Programming Format and Features

We’re kicking off the new year with a fresh outlook and focus guys, I’m hope you’re as excited as we are! Before we get into what the focus is, we’d also like to unveil a new feature that we will be providing in terms of our workout formats.

On a given day, about 50% of our gym scales or modifies the RX workout in some fashion. This is great and we expect and encourage that. However what we want to do is minimize how much variation we see and thus how much chaos that can create. Our new format will offer two variations of every workout. One will be considered “Performance”, and bias toward improving your CrossFit ability. The other will be “Fitness” and will be bias toward general fitness and how you look and feel. While there will be overlap between the tow versions, there are many reasons for a distinction. Our coaches will still have the ability to scale and modify within each variation, but by starting everyone closer to what they’ll actually be doing our coaches can zero in, and actually “coach” more, rather than providing logistics and changes for 14 different versions of a workout.

In the past we’ve tried to toe the line by providing workouts for the best athletes in the gym, but also being accessible for beginners. This has become increasingly difficult and both sides of the line have experienced workouts that didn’t feel 100% designed for them. This new format will allow us to focus on both ends of the spectrum without a high degree of on the fly customization from our coaches.

You can always bounce back and forth! Some days you might see a “Performance” version of a workout that’s right in your wheelhouse, and other days not so much. You could be a top athlete, but coming off a cold, or bourbon bender, and the best thing for you that day is the “Fitness” version. All good, work with the coaches and determine the best variation for you. In terms of tracking, we will use RX+ to indicate and RX for “performance” versions and “RX” for an RX fitness “version”. The box you check after the workout will be far less important than the added value you’ll see from workouts that fit your ability and goals more accurately. Obviously, January will be a trial month for this, and we’ll be tweaking things for you, so be ready for this!

Programming Focus – January

We kick the year off with an Oly cycle that is going to focus on the power variation of the Snatch/ C+J along with growing efficiency with cycling the barbell. Becoming more proficient with the bar will pay huge dividends come the 2023 CF Open! We will complement this Oly cycle with one day of Deadlifts and one day of Squats to keep our strength up!

We will also be seeing one CF Open workout per week to get that “game day” feel. Movement choices in workouts most days will prioritize those that have commonly been seen in the CF Open. This will allow various looks/ stimuli to make us as well rounded as possible going into the 2023 season! We are hitting the ground running this year…get ready to rock! 

January Weekly Commitments

  • (1) Snatch Day 
  • (1) Clean Day 
  • (1) Deadlift Day 
  • (1) Squat Day
  • (1) Old CF Open Workout Weekly 
  • (1) Partner Workout Option on Saturdays 

Stay tuned later this weekend for a macro view of the benchmarks and workout events coming your way in 2023.