Member of The Month – “Chance”

As a kid Chance was a sports fanatic. He loved football, baseball, and basketball. There was rarely a day when he wasn’t outside playing sports for hours. As he grew up though he started to lose interest. He started rapping, playing video games, and listening to Eminem instead of practicing football, baseball, and basketball. By the time he got to high school that ended up costing him a lot of ground. He quit football and basketball, and lost a lot of skill in baseball. He was way out of shape weighing 230 pounds. Chances Dad forced him to start working out with Vinny and he started to like fitness again, but still wasn’t in good shape. This caused him to lack self confidence and was overall a very shy kid. Sophomore year he lost the starting catcher job to a freshman and it lit a spark. He started to take training seriously. Started working out with Vinny more, doing classes, and did a lot on his own to get in shape. He lost 55 pounds (230-175) and got a lot stronger. Developed skills and worked hard to get better. He competed in his first individual comp last May and took first place. Since then he’s worked harder and gotten bigger, faster, and stronger. He is eager to to start competing again and looks forward to his Crossfit career. Shout out to Paul, Mitch, Ray Ray, Jamie and the rest of the 4:30 crew for always keeping it real and of course, he has to shout out Vin. “There’s no protege without the real deal.”


6 Rounds for Time

40 Double Unders

2 Squat Cleans (225/155)

6 Ring Muscle Ups

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