Member of The Month – Kev !!!

Sophomore year of high school Kevin hung up his football cleats to spend the rest of the summer ripping out and replacing concrete. Not only was the money great, but he loved the physical demands of the job. This type of work kept Kevin fit without touching a weight. In college Kevin decided it was time to quit smoking and had to come up with a way to kick the habit. He joined LA Fitness and took up running which included completing a few half marathons. Kevin always found a way to get a workout or run in even after long nights of drinking. It became a joke with his friends and family how crazy he was to get that workout in. Staying fit and eating healthy gave Kevin the ability to keep a high energy and positive attitude no matter what the task was. On 8/22/2012 Kevin’s wife delivered their twin boys prematurely, at 20 weeks into the pregnancy and there was nothing the doctors could do. This experience crushed Kevin’s positive energy and drive to stay fit. He packed on a good 60lbs and lost the part of him that would conquer anything.  In April 2016 Marc Peyton had mentioned to Kevin that he should check out the Crossfit he joined. Kevin took his first class at the end of April and became a member May 1st. Kevin has made a consistent effort to make 6AM class part of his normal routine. Kevin has seen great progress since starting. To name a few; 150lb increase to his back squat, building a love hate relationship with burpees, shaving 45 seconds off his 1000 meter row to still lose against Vin. Through hard work Kevin has lost 20lbs and hopes to get back to his original weight. The sweat, grind and camaraderie of Crossfit has reminded Kevin of the “can do” approach on life he had before. Crossfit has helped Kevin find his Grit!

Let’s get back to training today and GET BETTER at the jerk – This is not meant to be a max effort lift, its meant improve your positioning, specifically in the dip drive portion of the lift.


Build to about 85% of your 1RM Split Jerk with:


Jerk Dip + Split Jerk



1200m Row
Then 4 Rounds for Time
8 deadlifts (225/155)
22 wall balls

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