Member of The Month John Weir

Growing up in Southington, Connecticut, John was immersed in sports from a young age. Throughout high school he found his stride in the comaradie of team sports, excelling in both football and baseball. However, upon his arrival in Philadelphia for a four year stint at St. Joes, his cleats gathered dust and weight rooms remained foreign territory until frantic pre-spring break efforts.

It wasn’t until a year post-college that he recommitted to his physical well-being. Sampling various group fitness programs he finally discovered his niche in Crossfit. Since his inaugural class at CFC last May, where he almost broke his shin on a box-jump, he’s been proud of the progress he’s made. The supportive community, spirited competition, and attentive coaching has made every class an hour to look forward to.

When John isn’t in a rush for the 7AM class, he’s spending time with his wife, Liz, and their newborn son, James.