Myth – I’m Too Out of Shape For CrossFit

Some of our new members were a little hesitant to give us a try. We had to explain to them, its not all what you see on ESPN.

The top finishers at the CrossFIt Games are the top one percent of athletes who do CrossFit; the fittest of the fit. Our own needs only vary by degree.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone has potential. No matter what your fitness level or ability, we can get you on the path to your goals. Our classes are structured so that everyone gets the most out of a particular session for them. We ensure this with appropriate scaling and adjusting of workouts on a daily basis.

Here at CrossFit Thermal it’s all about relative intensity. We make sure the workout is appropriate for each individual’s needs. As skill and form improve, we ramp up the intensity and watch the progress soar. Were you a high school football player? A swimmer? Do you do triathlons, or maybe just want to keep up with the kids? We have a program for you, your neighbor, your best friend and your grandmother.

And a year from now, you will have wished you started today!