Nutrition Challenge – Update

Hey guys, we’ve got our Fall Nutrition Challenge starting up next week and our kickoff event is this Wednesday evening.  I just wanted to send out a quick note to cover some of the questions I’ve received about the challenge.  If you missed the initial blog post with all of the info, you can check it out here

What is happening at the Kickoff Meeting?  This year will be different.  You can show up anytime on Wednesday between 5 and 7pm and get set-up for the challenge.  You’ll be asked to pay $35 to enter the challenge this can be paid via Venmo or Cash.  Once that is done you’ll have an opportunity to learn about the 3 Nutritional Paths eligible for this challenge.  You’ll meet your team leader and be given a food shopping list and general considerations for the path of your choosing.  Once that’s done you’ll jump on the Inbody scanner and get your metrics printed out (you can keep this confidential if you want.)

How do I stay on track during the challenge?  Best practice for this has always been to keep a food log.  Some people also include things like how much sleep they are getting and how much energy they have.  Taking before and after pictures is also a great idea.  Most importantly – join and stay active in the Nutrition Challenge FB Group.  This is where we will offer support, advice and awesome recipes to try.

What tools is Thermal offering to help?  On Wednesday night at the Kickoff we’ll have reps from all of our partner vendors at the gym.  Bennie from Kettlebell Kitchen will be here to offer tips on how to use KBK for the challenge and what food selections are best.  She’ll also have discount codes and samples to try.  Rick from “Stronger Faster Healthier” will also be on hand.  He can answer any questions about supplementation that you have.

What if I can’t make the kickoff?  In a perfect world, everyone would make it, but we know thats not realistic.  You can still participate for sure!  Just pay your $35 through Venmo @vinny-joyce, then send an email to [email protected] with your choice of Nutritional Paths.  We’ll plug you into the FB group and send you your food shopping list and eating guidelines.

How will the winner be determined?  The coaching staff will be voting on the winners.  We’ll have 8 weekly winners and 2 grand prize winners.  All winners will be based on a combination of 3 things.  1.  Supporting others in the challenge 2.  Actual results 3.  Level of activity within the group and overall challenge


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