Ok, So What’s the Deal With the Pro AM

Ok, guys the much anticipated 1st Annual CrossFit Thermal Lady’s Pro AM is this Thursday night at 6:30pm.  We’ve got a lot of details to get out and we’re really excited to kick this thing off, so here is mostly everything you’ll need to know.

We’ll still be having a 6:30 class, gang, don’t worry.  6:30ers will be hitting their WOD while the Lady’s prep and warm-up for the Pro-AM.  That being said the class will be truncated and “met-con” only, to allow for the event to take place and kick off at around 7:00pm.  For the 6:30 crowd looking to get strength work in as well, the Forge will be open and we encourage you to hit your lifts then join us in the main gym for the event.

The main event:

6 teams of two ladies will take the field and start WOD 1 at around 7:00pm.

WOD 1 – For Time

AM – Row 25 Cal

Pro Row 25 Cal

Once both ladies have completed the row, they will continue as follows

6 x gym length alternating Farmers Carry (1 53/ 1 35#) KB

60 (2 for 1) burpees Pro Completes 2 burpees AM completes 1 in that order until 60 are achieved.


Greg “Big Bear”  Watson VS Dennis “MoonDawg” Mooney in “Diane”

21-15-9 Dead lifts 225 / HSPU

Pro AM WOD 2

For Time


Double Unders / Single Unders & Hang Clean and Jerks (85/60)

The Format for this workout will be alternating movement for movement.

Pro does 21 double unders, AM does 21 single unders

Pro does 21 CJ, AM does 21 CJ etc etc..

Scoring – lowest point total wins, 1st place = 1 point 2nd place = 2 pts etc..

Tie Breaker will be a Tabata Squat off!

After Party

While we offer free wine and beer to participants and spectators over 21, watch the “Grudge Match”

Vin vs Kev C in a 1K Row off….

We hope to see all of you at this sure to be amazing, CrossFit Thermal event!




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