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Individualized Services

Group fitness can be great for the soul, and has been proven to deliver amazing results. But what if class times don’t work with your schedule? What if you’re more comfortable in a one on one setting? There are many reasons why a traditional one on one approach might work better for you. Our individualized services aim to deliver results through a highly focused, customized program made just for you.

Personal Training

At CrossFit Conshohocken, personal training combines the best elements of our facility and workout design with a one on one personalized touch. Step one, meet with the coach of your choice and map out specific goals. Step two, let us tailor a training attack plan designed just for you. Step three, create a schedule that fits with YOUR personal life. Step four, Its Go Time!!

Personal Training – Ten 60 Minute Sessions
Personal Training – Five 60 Minute Sessions
Personal Training – Single 60 Minute Session
Two on One Personal Training – Single Session

Individual Design and Assessment

Sometimes you just need direction and accountability. Let our expert staff craft a complete training program for you. We’ll deliver everything you need for success via our online app, and you’ll workout on your own, with your coach following along as your guide. This is the perfect add on to our group membership plans!

$99 Monthly
$99 Monthly

Nutrition Coaching

You can’t out train a bad diet, we’ve all heard this, and it’s true! Do you need to know what to eat, how much and when? Are you curious about supplements and meal programs? Have you been crushing it in the gym but still not getting as lean as you’d like? Try our monthly nutrition coaching program and work one on one with our ISSA Certified Nutrition Coach. Free consultations

Nutrition Coaching
$99 Monthly

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