Nick Laffredo

Nick was born and raised in the area only 5 minutes away from our gym in Norristown. Growing up, Nick was very active as a kid and he would ride his bike and skateboard wherever he had to go. Nick was active in all sports from soccer, baseball, basketball to skateboarding and snowboarding through high school.

Fast forward to 2012/13 when Nick decided on a new career path as a Police Officer. Nick was working in the neighboring Borough of Bridgeport as a Part-Time Police Officer and one day finally decided to walk into the local CrossFit Gym and introduced himself to Coach Vin.

Since then, Nick began to train with Coach Vin and then came along with him when he opened CrossFit Conshohocken in 2013. Since then, Nick has become more and more involved in the CrossFit community and his own personal journey to become a better athlete and now a coach. Nick obtained his CrossFit Level One training certificate in 2018.

Coach Nick’s main focus now is to coach, learn and push everyone to be more functionally fit then the day before. Whether trail running, RUCKing, mountain biking or doing classic CrossFit workouts and HERO WOD’s, he is striving to be a better coach, athlete and member of our community. Nick has also shared his training knowledge, experience and drive with both members of his current police department and county SWAT team.