Travis Youngs

Travis Youngs, originally from Mt. Vernon, NY made PA his home in 2010 after graduating from Ursinus College where he studied Exercise and Sports Science, with a minor in Coaching.

Travis has always stayed competitive while participating in sports, but found his home in track and field, more specifically as a long, triple, and high jumper. He became fascinated with getting better and what it would take to continue improving. Not only was he interested in self-improvement, but also in improving results of those around him. As a result, Travis began personal training at the age of 18 as a summer job. He has been training and coaching ever since, including coaching himself and narrowly missing Olympic qualifiers before he was sidelined with achilles injuries.

Travis now focuses on Olympic Weightlifting and functional fitness in order to stay in shape at a competitive level. His goals include being on the national stage for weightlifting so keep an eye out for our coach! Whether you need to fill the gaps in your CrossFit game or are looking to simply improve your doctor’s visits, Travis is here to help in our classes or in personal training sessions.