Quidditch and Basketball you say…and Food!!

Basketball going into net ' Nothin' but net ' Nice shot Also available in color, 039X1198


Let’s get an early summer Throwdown on the calendar guys, we’ve got a lot of new members in the community and I think they should get in on the fun.

On Thursday June 23rd, CrossFit Thermal is bringing back the famous Quidditch Throwdown!  This was an amazing event last November and I think we can throw a few more twists in this time to make it even better!

In addition we’ll break in the new basketball net with some two on two tournament style action outside.

Who can participate – Members of CrossFit Thermal and their friends and family.

What time does it start – 6:30pm, We chose a Thursday night this time, since Friday nights in the summer are tough for a lot of people in the gym.  With a 6:30pm start, we’ll still hold a WOD class in the Forge / outside (for those of you who must workout), Quidditch in the main gym area and 2 on 2 basketball outside.

How do you get involved – Gather your friends and put in a team!  4 people are needed for the quidditch teams, with at least one member being a female.  For basketball, you only need 2 people per team, same or mixed gender.

RX Grill Master Vin, will be serving food throughout the event and the Fridge will be full of, um….water.

Make sure to get involved and have some fun at this Summer Throwdown!

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