Starting Week 4 of Oak Strong

Just a couple quick thoughts as we head into the next to last week of Oak Strength training.  Stick with it guys, I know 5 weeks is a long time to focus on just a couple movements for strength, but as a gym, we are getting much stronger.  This week I want you to think about what you’re doing on intensity day (Day 3).  At this stage of the program you likely won’t PR, both lifts this week and next week.  The idea here is to make your best lift on week 5 day 3, which if you’re on the program exactly, would be next Thursday.  Since it is unlikely to PR your 5 rep two weeks in a row (especially weeks 4 and 5), I want some of you to “save it” for week 5.  Weight-lifters and Power-lifters call this “peaking”.

I’m going to use Jesse as an example, since he is out for this week anyway.  He is trying to end around 220×5 back squat at the end of the program, which would be a huge PR.  This week he missed it, so he needs as much of the appropriate stimulus and training as possible in order to make the lift on week 5.  In this case I would have Jesse go for a 3RM this week, using 225#.  This way he gains a new lifting PR number (3RM) and he builds through intensity toward his overall goal of 220# x5.  This will give him the best chance at hitting the 5RM.   If your situation is similar to Jesse’s, work with the coaches and consider taking this week 4 intensity day to a 3RM.  I’ll be around all week if you need help deciding what to do.  Don’t over complicate it, on day 3 this week, just hit one set as heavy as you can (safely), don’t sweat if its 3,4 or 5 reps.  Good luck.

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