What’s In The Box – 3/25/2024

First I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the 2024 Intramural Open, as always we had a blast hosting all of you, and we hope you enjoyed it. Shout out to Team Hannah’s Bananas for taking home the victory this year. This season in the Open there were a lot of proud moments and huge achievements by our members. Many of you have qualified for the next round of competition and we are looking forward to seeing how far our members can go!

Back to Training

With the Open now in the rear view, we are looking forward to getting started with our next training phase. The next 6 weeks of programming (workout design), will be brought to you by our Head Coach , Travis Youngs. Travis has bee like a mad scientist in the lab, coming up with awesome workouts and new formats. We hope you enjoy this new phase.

Cool, what’s the phase about?

Our focuses this time around will be the 3RM Back Squat, 1K Row time trial, 1RM clean and Jerk and Pulling gymnastics. This phase touches all areas of CrossFit with an emphasis on something from each major domain; cardio, raw strength and body weight / technique.


We are closed this coming Sunday, March 31st for the Easter Holiday. Stayed tuned on social for any last minute pop up open gym times in case you need to get your fix on Sunday.