For the EMOM, you can choose to stay at the same weight for all 10 sets or have plates nearby to add weight whenever you feel it’s appropriate. The priority is to make each complex “clean” – minimal or no pressouts.
For the metcon, take about 70% of the weight from the complex and use that for overhead squats. You might be lighter or heavier depending on how your form was from the EMOM. (As a guideline, an athlete who typically Rx’s WODs would probably use 95-115 (men) or 65-75 (women) for the metcon – which means they would do around 135-165 or 95-110 for the EMOM) Start with 10 OHS and 30 double unders – you will do triple the amount of du’s eventually down to 1 OHS and 3 double unders.


EMOM for 10 min:
Hang power snatch + hang snatch


For time:
10 OHS, 70% of complex
30 double unders
27 double unders
8, 24…7, 21…etc.

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